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Member Hours


Charity Guild hours:

Please check the updated list of hours to make sure they are correct.  If there is a discrepancy check the previous month’s sign-in sheets at the back of the sign-in/out book.  Any problems I found will have a red check.

To update your information:  Enter the date, sign in and sign out times in the problem book. Please make sure to enter all information requested in the Problem book.

Thank you,

Kerry Gries, Assignments

PS: Hours are posted on the member’s website, on the bulletin board upstairs and a copy is in the front of the sign-in/out book.SHOP hour requirements for members are returning to normal. We will still be open to the public on a limited-day basis.

Yearly Requirements:
150 (Marian)

Double hours are given to Friday and Saturday volunteers.

Please check your hours carefully.  If you think there is a discrepancy in your hours, first check the previous month’s sign-in/out sheets.  If there is a question about hours there will be a red checkmark somewhere in the row beside your name.  Report the requested information in the “Problem book” or send an email to  Make sure that all information requested in the “Problem book” is entered.          

Special Announcement

  • For cosigners:
  • No men or ladies shorts
  • No woolen clothing
  • No art in July or August
  • Accepting fall transitional clothing