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Use of Funds Report

Charity Guild of Catholic Women has an obligation to be good stewards of Guild funds.   For that reason, we ask each agency that has received a grant to provide a report on the use of the funds relative to the specific request on the application.  The report must be mailed or delivered to Charity Guild Shop no later than September 15 of the year in which the grant was awarded.

The Use of Funds Form below is an Adobe fillable file, and if you need Adobe Reader, you may download it for free HERE; it is available for Windows and Mac.

When you have completed the form, print it to submit with your documents. 

Optionally, you are welcome to download the form and print it.  You may then complete it by hand, however, we ask that you ensure it is legible.

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Special Announcement

  • For cosigners:
  • No men or ladies shorts
  • No woolen clothing
  • No art in July or August
  • Accepting fall transitional clothing